Activate your Hulu subscription by following the process provided below. For successful completion of the Hulu/activate, you must follow each step carefully. 

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Hulu/activate Subscription on Your Smart Tv via

For Hulu/activate, you first have to start with the purchase of the Hulu subscription and Hulu Account creation. Once you are done with this, you can move to the Hulu activation process by following the given instructions. 

  1. Download the Hulu app on your connected device via the Play Store or App Store.
  2. Launch the application and press the “Login” button followed by “Activate on a computer”.
  3. The Hulu/activate code and activation webpage link i.e. will prompt on your screen.
  4. Now, on your computer system, open an internet browser.
  5. Enter “” in the address bar and press the Enter key. 
  6. Sign In to your Hulu Account using the email address and password that are connected with Hulu. 
  7. In the next window, enter the Hulu/activate code in the provided field.
  8. Hit the “Activate” button. 

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Generally Asked Questions:

Ans. Purchasing the Hulu subscription is a first step for Hulu/activate. While paying for the subscription, you might get error messages on your screen. These errors might be due to the following reasons:

  1. You have entered invalid Zip code.
  2. Security code of your card you have entered is incorrect. 
  3. Expiry date provided by you is wrong. 
  4. Card you are using for making the payment is not issued by the U.S. 

These are some of the common reasons behind the payment submission errors. In order to resolve these errors, you first have to check the details entered by you. Make sure you have entered the correct details. Even a single mistake will lead to an error. If your error persists, then you can try:

  1. Clearing the browser’s history.
  2. Trying to make the payment in the incognito tab. 
  3. Try disabling the extensions added to your browser.
  4. Use another supported browser for purchasing Hulu subscription.

Ans. For creating a strong and unique password, you must fulfill the below-given conditions.

  1. Don’t add word- password, your name, birth date, or other personal details in the password. 
  2. Avoid using the sequential letters which are easy to understand. 
  3. The password you create must be 6-8 characters long. 
  4. Create different passwords for different accounts. 
  5. The password must be a mix of uppercase letters, lower case letters, numbers, special characters, etc. 

Ans. If you are a Hulu user and you have forgotten the email address that is linked with Hulu. In such a scenario, you need to follow the below-given procedure to recover your email address using the recovery tool.

  1. Using the web browser, navigate to the Hulu/activate window by entering “”.
  2. At the bottom of the sign-in field, you will find the “Forgot your password/email?” link. 
  3. In the next window, I need to click the “I don’t remember my email address” option. 
  4.  Further, tick mark the “I’m not a robot” checkbox followed by “Continue” tab.
  5. To recover the email address, you have to enter the billing information correctly in its respective fields. 

This will help you to find the email address that is linked with your subscription. 

Ans. There is more than one payment method for purchasing the Hulu premium streaming service. Following are some of those methods:

  1. Cards: Both debit and credit cards can be used for purchasing the Hulu subscription. However, only U.S. based cards can be used for this. American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover are some of the cards that can be used.
  2. Digital Payment Methods: Paypal and Venmo are two digital payment methods that can be used for making the payment for the Hulu subscription.
  3. Gift Cards: Hulu gift cards are also available for making the payment of Hulu premium service. You can purchase the Hulu gift card from the official website and redeem them.