Hulu Login

What are the benefits of Hulu Login? 

After login into your account, you can avail various benefits: 

  1. You can activate any device and also remove it whenever you want.
  2. Users can edit their personal personal information name, gender, preferences, etc.
  3. By signing in, you can log out your Hulu account from all the devices that are linked with your account. 
  4. You can also view your watch history and can delete it for maintaining privacy.
  5. There is also a Delete Profile option which you can use if you do not want to access the account anymore.
  6. You can watch recent episodes of your favorite TV shows, Hulu originals, kids shows etc.

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Prerequisites For Hulu Login

  1. The basic condition is to have high-speed internet.
  2. You should remember your Hulu registered email address and password. 
  3. If you want to conduct the Hulu login process from the application, make sure that you have disabled the current firewall before installing the application. 
  4. If you are signing by launching a web browser, ensure that the browser is not outdated. 
  5. Also, all the past history and cache from your browser must be deleted. There are situations when the login page does not respond due to the presence of unwanted files in your history.
Hulu Login

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Hulu Login Using a Web Browser

You can conveniently sign in to your account by visiting But before performing the login process, it is mandatory for every user to create an account. 

Registering for a Hulu account: 

  1. Go to the internet browser as selected by your choice. Click on it and then put your cursor in the address bar.
  2. To proceed to the Hulu Login page, you need to type in the address bar.
    • Note: If you are unable to access the Hulu login webpage, try another browser and also check your internet connection. 
  3. The Hulu homepage will be presented on your computer screen. You will find the “Log In” option which is positioned at the top-right corner of the homepage. 
  4. For starting the process of account setup, locate the Start Your Free Trial link and then click on it. 
  5. You will now have to fill the account registration form. The form holds the following details- Name, Email Address, Password, Birthdate, Gender, etc. 
  6. Carefully acknowledge all the Hulu terms and conditions by opening their links. Then return to the existing(account creation) window and hit Continue. 
  7. Billing and Payment information window will come into view. Users are provided with various options for making payments. After choosing your desired payment method, you will be requested to input your card details and click Submit. 

Sign In: 

  1. On your device, launch
  2. Hulu login window appears. There are two options available for performing the login process- via Facebook, via Hulu credentials. 
  3. For a Facebook login, all you need is a Facebook email address and password. Hence, provide the required details into the fields assigned. 
  4. If you are already registered with Hulu by setting up an account, you will be allowed to sign in by applying your Hulu credentials. Therefore type your correct Hulu email address and passphrase into the spaces provided. 
  5. Then, click on the “Log In” tab.

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Login Via Application 

  1. Access the Play Store or App Store on your device.
  2. Search for the Hulu application. By doing so, a product list will pop-up on your screen. 
  3. Select your desired Hulu app
  4. On the next screen, click Install and the application will commence to download. 
  5. When completed, launch the application. 
  6. The Welcome window will be presented on your screen. You need to tap the “Log In” button
  7. After that, select Log In with Hulu. Then, provide the below-mentioned information: 
    • As you have entered an email address while registering for a Hulu account, provide the same email address into its allotted field. 
    • Then enter the Hulu Password into the corresponding field. If you completely forgot your Hulu password, you can retrieve it by clicking on the “Forgot email address or Password” link. 
  8. After that, tap the Hulu “Log In” button and you can now proceed for streaming the exclusive Hulu movies and web series.